Terry Rogers began his venture into information technologies over 15 years ago. His curiosity as to how web pages were created and displayed, led him to discover a new found interest for a career path. This path allowed for employment with a Fortune 500 company in the tax software industry. During that employment, Mr. Rogers utilized his analytical abilities and information about the software, in the support of clients that generated six figure revenues. This did not go unnoticed. It led to a position in the Bank Products Department, where he was tasked with updating and generating programming changes within the software.

          As a team player, Mr. Rogers and another associate, discovered a need for an internal customer service tool that would allow for a centralized collection of support information. Made available only to employees, the application was constructed on an internal server and utilized a bulletin board that is based on PHP web page coding with a MySql database. Within a few months, it contained employee scheduling; a knowledge base; prospective client info; employee training tutorials with quizzes; and an employee location map for emergency response.

           As an additional source of income and a desire to succeed, Seven Hills Hosting came into existence. The main focus has always been to provide a internet presence, however, services have included:

  • networking (wired/wireless)
  • hardware updates
  • Malware/virus removal
  • Domain registration
  • DNS setup
  • Limited software assistance (based on limitations of software provider)

          To better understand the concept, practices, and legal aspects of business, Mr. Rogers has also received a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Criminal Justice from Shorter University.